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Alison Lohman Fans

- The LJ Community for Fans of Alison Lohman -
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Who is Alison Lohman? A very talented, gorgeous, and underrated actress. Recent Filmography includes: White Oleander, Matchstick Men, and Big Fish.

This is the LiveJournal community for Alison Lohman fans. Talk about movies, co-stars, new hair cuts, appearances, upcoming projects.. anything slightly Alison related. Do you love her? Have you met her? Share your stories and news here. We DO encourage introduction posts, picture posts and inviting friends here. We are growing, but helping promote and getting the word around is always appreciated. :)

Please: be nice to other members, no spamming, and don't bring your drama here. Assuming that everyone who joins can handle themselves in a mature manner, there will be no list of rules until necessary. LJ ToS DO still apply.
For reasons of faster loading: If you are posting more than one image or if your image is relatively large- please use LJ cut. See the LJ FAQ to learn how to do this if you don't know.

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Owned by:

  • Raven -joyfulchaos
  • Moderator: Memo- memo510
    So far, we have had no problems here (thanks for being so great, members!), but for future notice- if you ever have a problem please do not go to the moderators personal journals. You may e-mail us at gk510@hotmail[dot]com or leave a post on the community. Thanks!

  • joyfulchaos also co-maintains theoc_craze

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